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Your Full Mechanical RV Inspection will take a detailed look at all of the major mechanical and electrical components on your RV. Our Inspectors will be reviewing the working condition of these components, looking for anything that may not be in prime working order, and checking specifically for pre-existing conditions. After the inspection is complete, we will provide you with a full copy of your inspection and several photographs. For a detailed look at the inspection process and reviewed components, please click here.
Our detailed inspections usually take between 2 and 3 hours, depending on the size and complexity of your RV.
Our customers purchase inspections for a variety of reasons. For individuals looking to purchase a coach from a private party or dealership, and RV inspection provides them with the peace of mind that the coach is in good working condition before they purchase it. Should any pre-existing conditions be found during the course of the inspection, customers have the option of choosing not to purchase that specific RV, or to request that the repairs be made prior to taking delivery of the vehicle. Additionally, many RVers who are looking to sell their current units will have the inspection performed so they are able to provide prospective buyers with a guarantee that their coach is in excellent condition. This can greatly raise the value of your RV for sale. Lastly, most reputable RV Warranty providers will require that a vehicle be fully inspected prior to offering coverage on that coach, which is another popular reason for securing an RV inspection.
Many customers choose to purchase a Premier RV Inspection on top of the Pre-Delivery Inspection or Walkthrough performed by their dealer for several reasons. Most dealership walkthroughs are not very in-depth, and therefore will not identify many pre-existing conditions. Additionally, our Premier RV Inspectors provide an unbiased, 3rd party review of the vehicle, which allows the customer to feel confident in their purchase.
Yes, the customer or a 3rd party dealership or private party seller representative will need to be present during the RV Inspection. This representative will need to perform the test drive, and give the RV Inspector access to various components they will be reviewing for functionality.
Your Full Mechanical RV Inspection report will be provided to you within 2 business days of completion.
Typically we can get an inspector out within just a couple of days of your request! The sooner you get in contact with us to schedule the inspection, the more likely we are to have open availability. Keep in mind many inspectors do not work weekends.
We have inspectors nationwide, with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii. Our inspectors come to you!
Requirements for a full inspection are pretty simple! You'll need access to water connections and shore power. You'll also need to have your refrigerator turned on for at least 5 hours prior to the appointment to properly test temperature and functionality. If you are purchasing a motorhome inspection, someone will need to take the inspector on a brief 5 mile test drive. The inspector will not drive the unit.
You may cancel your inspection and receive a full refund with at least 24 hour notice.
No, due to liability we are unable to inspect the roof. However, we will check for any noticeable signs of water intrusion.