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Thank you for doing business with us, we are excited to start the process for your inspection package. As we remind you of a few things that occur we ask for your initials indicating that you have read and agreed to complete these items for your inspection to go smoothly. All inspections are conducted by an independent inspector. They will contact you within 72
business hours
to set up a convenient time for the inspection.

Your inspection will consist of a thorough examination of all major mechanical component systems. This can take up to 3 (three) hours. Please be prepared to set aside that time when your inspection is scheduled.

Inspection Requirements: 1) Access to shore power is mandatory for all RV inspections. There are certain systems and components that need to be operational via shore power and access to electricity is needed to complete the inspection. In order to accurately inspect your refrigerator, it is required that the refrigerator be started and kept on for at least 5 hours prior to the inspection. 2) A test drive is required for all motorhome inspections. Please make sure that your motor home is able to be driven a short distance so the inspector can confirm the engine, transmission, and other components are functional. The inspector will not be driving the coach. You, or a 3rd party representative of your choice, must be able to drive the vehicle. 3) Owner or selling party must be available to demonstrate working functionality when requested by inspector.

If you have a 3rd party present on your behalf (Dealer, private party, etc), please make sure to provide the contact information for this person to Premier RV Inspections as soon as possible, no later than two business days before the inspection, so we can provide them with these instructions. Please make sure all loose items are secure, awnings are retracted, and there is room to fully extend and retract slide-outs.

If your coach/trailer is winterized, an inspection will still be completed for the items able to be inspected. After the coach is dewinterized, a follow-up inspection will be scheduled at a time of your convenience to test the items not tested in the initial inspection.

We shall not have, in any event, any liability or responsibility for any loss of profits, economic loss, loss of business and loss of goodwill (in all these cases whether direct or indirect) nor for any indirect, purely economic or consequential losses incurred as a result of or in connection with any inspection (including any non-occurrence thereof), whether resulting from breach of contract, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise. Inspections are supplied solely for the use of the customer and are not for the use of, or to be relied upon by, any third party and the customer shall be responsible for advising any such third party accordingly. For the avoidance of doubt, under no circumstances will we be liable to any third party in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise for any loss (direct, indirect or consequential) which any party may incur as a result of any information supplied by the inspection report. You agree to defend, at your expense, any action brought against us arising out of your use of the service with any third parties or from your willful misconduct. You will indemnify us from any costs, damages and fees incurred by us which are attributable to such a claim. The inspection and report are opinions only that are based upon the visual observation of the existing conditions of the unit at the time of the inspection. The report is not intended to be or construed as a guarantee, warranty or any form of insurance. The inspector will not be responsible for any repairs or replacement with regards to the unit or its contents.

It is understood that once the inspector has been dispatched to the location provided, you are unable to cancel/postpone/reschedule the inspection without fees being applied. If you wish to cancel, please do so at least one business day before your inspection. If during the inspection process something arises, please contact us immediately.

For those that will be receiving an extended warranty, your coverage for all functioning mechanical components will not be effective until this inspection has been completed and reviewed by our inspections department, and all documentation has been finalized. If any mechanical failures are discovered during the inspection, coverage will still go into effect (at provider’s discretion); however, these failed items will not be covered under the extended service contract until proof of repair has been provided to extended warranty provider, Wholesale Warranties.

I authorize ESC Advisors (DBA Premier RV Inspections referred to as “company”) to debit/charge the card number provided, for the price displayed at time of purchase. This payment is for a mechanical inspection of my vehicle.”